With your account, you can:

  • cancel rebill to your credit card
  • check your username and password
  • upgrade your subscription
  • change the email address you entered
  • re-request an account activation email be issued
  • see how much longer your subscription will be active for

Common login problems

If you cannot locate your account, you’re welcome to ask staff for help. They can confirm your info, or do what you were planning on (cancel your rebills, for example). will reply to all emails within 24 hours, and often under one.

If you cannot find your account yourself, consider these issues:

  1. You may have used a different credit card to the one you thought (this is quite common). Try another card number.
  2. You may be mis-typing your username: usernames are case sensitive, and so MUST be entered exactly as shown in your initial email.
  3. Subscription ID’s must be no more than six digits. If you have a 10 digit SubID, you joined via CCBill. You can look your account up on their page. This is not your password!