If you choose to register with two billers (GMBill and CCBill), you will want to merge the codes each biller provides, so you're assured of getting credit for the sale you send regardless of which biller they use to join. Doing this will set the cookie for each biller in the surfer's web browser.


GMBill provides this tool as is. By using this tool, you agree to take full responsibility for the results, and to not hold GMBill.com liable for any loss of sales.

We do not guarantee it works (however, we receive feedback from affiliates that it works great!). Do not adjust or amend the generated link code in any way - doing so may cause the link to work incorrectly.

We advise you to check yourself that both cookies are set when a surfer follows that link, to perform a test join from both billers, and ensure both sales are credited to your affiliate account. We recommend regular tests, to ensure nothing has changed on your pages.

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